How old is the pornography industry

Just how old is the pornography industry? Pornography has a long history that dates back to the prehistoric time. But by then, its concept wasn’t fully understood, until the Victorian era. In short, pornography started way before human civilization through depiction of erotic imagery.

The pornographic industry started to gain its roots 1895 with the invention of motion picture. Despite the legislative law (Obscene Publications Act 1857) that criminalized it, the industry went ahead to release the first pornographic film entitled “Léar”. This film shed some light on just how much profit one could rake in the pornographic filming.

Production started in the 1920s. However, legislative laws banned the films from public view citing them as moral decay. Denmark made the films public in 1969 leading to commercial production of pornographic films in the country. Years later, other countries started to follow suit after witnessing the huge revenues that could be made from the industry. 

Distribution began in the late 1990s through DVDs and the popularity increased even further with widespread internet availability.

In the 2000s, hundreds of companies started to venture in commercial pornographic film production. In the United States alone, the industry brings in a whopping $13 billion every year with over 50-percent of the population admitting to watching the films of their favorite pornstars. The invention of web cams has, however, led to a slight reduction in profits raked from the industry as most people have taken to producing the films in their homes and other settings.

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